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Thank you for all of your help with the launch and branding of our clinic. You captured exactly what we wanted to portray in simple, elegant, yet eye-catching designs, with colours that both calmed and welcomed. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on our logo, business cards, or letterhead. Your fresh designs and hard work have enabled us to stand out in a neigbourhood where boring is ignored. We have been more successful in the first six months of our clinic that we ever imagined, and we attribute a great deal of that to our visual presence both on the web and on the street.




Thrive Chiropractic
Julia James
Reflex Printing
Red Tree Wellness
Capulet Communications

CANADIAN OFFICE: 2911 Ontario St. BC V5T 2Y5 | tel: 778 882 4988
AUSTRALIAN OFFICE: 23 Endora Close Dunsborough WA 6281 | tel: (08) 9759 1451 | fax: (08) 6102 1784