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Despite the popularity of online marketing, there will always be a place for creative design in printed pieces. Some examples of the role of graphic design in the printed format include: brochures, annual reports, direct mail pieces, invitations, books, magazine or newspaper advertisements, posters, press kits, announcements, promotional postcards, packaging, and signage. We are always up for a challenge so don’t hesitate to bring us ideas that you don’t see on this list.

As designers, our job is to arrange all the artistic elements required for your piece, including imagery, text and/or illustrations in a way that reinforces the message you want to send. We do this by creating a visual hierarchy that moves the viewer’s eye through your piece. Your message is also complimented by careful choice of elements like colours, fonts and paper stock. Regardless of what you want to say with your print pieces, nimble creative will make sure your message comes across loud and clear to your target market.





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